And the Rain Refreshes…

I just had to share some pics of how things are growing, especially after we just got a few days of rain and everything is looking green and happy.

First, here is my Mexican Petunia that I planted last fall.  Will post another pic once it blooms, hoping to see it soon!

Bearded Tongue Penstemon ‘Husker’s Red’ is looking great.  I planted in front of our house where it gets 7-8 hours of afternoon sun and it is VERY HAPPY.  The gardening place recommended afternoon sun for this plant and said it was drought tolerant- I have been so pleased on how it has performed over the past month and a half.

For more info on care for Husker’s Red- see my earlier post here.

I am going to add a new plant to this post- Autumn Joy Sedum (Stonecrop).  This is a very hardy, drought tolerant full sun perennial.  It comes back every year and spreads to cover 2 feet and gets about 2 feet tall.

This plant looks beautiful summer to fall- blooming in the summer and having seedheads in fall that still remain showy- the leaves are also very unusual and add a bit of interest since their growth habit is rather unique.

grasshopper blends by matching leaves of Autumn Joy sedum - 8 Sept 2011

Last pic of Sedum is not mine- but gives you a preview of how gorgeous it is when it is blooming. Happy Gardening!

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