Basic Running Tips

Running or...
This is a combination of things I have learned over time, wise words from other runners, and advice from coaches and trainers.

I am not a trained person, so don’t sue me or anything if you get injured trying any of this.  😉

Running Form– (some things to keep in mind as you run to help you have good form)

  • Focus on forcing your elbows back, not pulling arms forward.  This actually creates more momentum than swinging your arms forward.
  • Look straight ahead or slightly up, not down at the ground- your form will suffer (shoulders slump, core not kept tight) and it makes running harder.
  • Relax your shoulders- sometimes after running for a while if you pay attention you will notice your shoulders tensing or raising up- make a conscious effort to relax them periodically.
  • Keep your core tight and your chest out.
  • Instead of reaching forward with your foot to propel yourself, make sure that you are keeping your legs under you, and think of them moving in a circular motion- like when you ride a bicycle.
  • Focusing on pushing down with your foot, not lifting up.

Running Accessories

  • To prevent chafing- or to have on hand in case chafing occurs, carry Vaseline or Aquaphor- and lather it on- do not use sparingly- esp. if you have a long run (over an hour)
  • Do not ever run more than 30 minutes in untested shoes or clothing.  I made the mistake of buying a new outfit for a race- and the top cut into my skin and I was bleeding by the end.
  • Go to a reputable running shop and get advice about what shoes work best for your feet, take them a pair of shoes that you have run in so they can look at the wear on the bottom- that will help them see where you need support the most.
  • If you are running a marathon, consider carrying a few salt packets- like you can get a McDonalds- your body runs low on salt b/c you are sweating it out- and that can add to feelings of fatigue when you are reaching the final miles of the race.

Thoughts on a Run

  • The mental aspect of running is critical.  When you start to get tired- if you are not accustomed to pushing your body physically- make sure to think positive thoughts- this may sound ridiculous but it really works.  I think things like, way to go, you are awesome, push it!
  • Pay attention to your body- if something hurts every time you run, or post-run- make sure to get it checked out.  Listening to your body helps prevent injury and the more you pay attention the more you will know how hard you can push and when you need a break.

Stop back by, I will post more as I think of more inspiring or helpful tips!

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