Lessons I Have Learned in the Garden

Garden Colors

You can look at books, and then look at plants in your yard, and still honestly say to yourself- I have no idea what this is.

Sometimes you prune something and you realize you shouldn’t and sometimes you don’t prune when you should- sometimes it matters- and sometimes it doesn’t.

Digging weeds is one thing I can always be doing in the garden.

When somethings wilts- that’s a good time to water it.

Seeing something bloom for the first time can prompt one to dance around their yard (I have heard)…

Tending a garden can help you to stop and appreciate God’s creation- to look for that beauty everywhere.

Having a garden tends to draw birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds and many other creatures to your yard.

You learn more by doing in the garden than by reading books- sometimes you just have to get out there in the dirt and figure it out.

There is a place for planning and preparation- esp. when trying to create color from spring to fall.

Sometimes starting from seed can be vastly more rewarding than buying a plant at a garden center.

Plants die- even when we do our best to encourage them to live.

Plants make great gifts- I love the community found with those who love gardening- indoors and out.  Always ready to share tips and a cutting of a plant.

Gardening can teach the benefits of hard work– the joy of taking care of something and watching it grow and flourish under your care-  producing fruit or blooms that we can enjoy.

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