Pink-A-Boo Deutzia

Bench surrounded

The Deutzia is on the right- growing above and around the bench.

Note: Above pic is not my yard (but I loved the pic and their Deutzia is more mature and blooming)

I bought a Pink-A-Boo Deutzia (Deutzia x ‘Monzia’) last year in August for $5.00.  It was severely pot-bound and when I bought it, at the plant store they reminded me several times that this plant did NOT qualify for their replacement guarantee.

I decided to take the risk, and I am pleased to say that the Deutzia is doing fantastic, presently covered in green leaves and getting ready to bloom.

I panicked and thought the plant was dead b/c it was very slow in showing leaves in the spring.  So don’t panic if you find that happening for you.  By early April I am sure it will be covered with green leaves.

This shrub gets 6-8 ft tall to 6 ft. wide.

Deutzia are a great shrub for filling the gap between spring flowering and summer flowering– they land right in the middle.  Their lime green leaves also provide a great contrast to the darker greens of other shrubs and plants.

Some basic care recommendations:

As with any shrub, take the extra time to dig a large (wide and deep) hole, make sure to provide good drainage.

Water deeply a few times a week (this helps the plant to establish roots that run deep in the ground for water- instead of encouraging shallow roots if you water too often and not deeply enough) while shrub is getting established.

Mulch around the plant to keep roots cool, but be sure to not put too much mulch right at the base of the plant.

Use a general purpose fertilizer before new growth appears in the spring.

To prune, cut out older and taller stems close to the ground, rather than shearing the entire shrub.

They like any soil-as long as it is well-drained.

Can propagate easily any time of year, dig up outer stems and plant in new location.

Deutzias also do well in sun or shade, though they seem to thrive for me personally in a location where they get partial sun- and I am hoping to plant one under a mature tree in our yard as well.

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