More Spring Gardening

Sometimes, I find a deal and just can’t resist.  I found Pincushion flowers on sale for 25 cents each.  So I got three- they are a perennial, and a beautiful blue color.  They are the newest addition to my perennial bed.  They are a full-sun plant, remove spent flowers and has low water needs once established.  Grows to 15″ high by 15″ wide.

salvia and pincushion flower and other things

I also got one columbine called Winky Double Red and White Columbine.  The pic below is a bunch of varieties of columbine, a lovely part. shade perennial.


And a favorite annual called Mona Lavender (Lamicaceae Plectranthus).  It blooms from spring to fall and has lovely purple flowers and leaves with a green top side and purple underside.  Keep the soil moist- a perfect potted plant to keep on your porch- make sure it doesn’t get more than five hours of sun- I have mine where it only gets about 2.5 hours of afternoon sun, and it was really happy in this location last year.

LAMIACEAE 唇形科 - Mona Lavender (Plectranthus ecklonii) 夢幻紫香茶菜

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