Death of Compassion?

Apathy- I hate it.  I hate what it does to people.

When we fail to care about anything that does not directly cause us-or someone close to us- physical pain.  When we say- well, that’s THEIR problem, or THEIR choice.

Today, I was pondering the issue of abortion (something I do frequently these days).  My thoughts followed this progression.  We are all God’s children.  So, if someone else that we know wants to have an abortion, they are really aborting one of our brothers or sisters.

It is personal.  They are killing a child of God.  How do we think God feels? If we believe that God mourns with us over the injustices of the world- the poor and starving, the exploited and oppressed- how do we think He feels about the murder of babies in the womb?

And caring about the unborn baby does not mean that we care nothing for the mother.  These are not mutually exclusive. Love for both can be present at the same time- but that does not change what abortion is- nor that it ends a life.

I have had several conversations with people where they said basically said- I am not concerned about other people- they will do what they do, and I will do what I do- it is not my business what choices they make.

When does it become our business?  What about rape and murder?  Do we just let people do what they do?  What about sex trafficking?  Child abuse?  Drunk driving?

When do we say that people have to be responsible- and if their actions injure another they are culpable?

Do we just let people do what they do?  When do we feel the need to step in?  When do we choose to defend the helpless?

Have our hearts stopped breaking for the innocent?  For those who have their innocence ripped from them- who are exploited and humiliated for anothers gain?  When did we lose our anger and passion to fight for the voiceless?

Indifference of the crowd-HK

It is time for us to step into the gap- to be the voice- to refuse to be silent or let other voices demean, belittle, or distract us from the truth.

When you look back on your life- will you be content to say- “yeah, I knew that was wrong- but what could I do about it?”- or will you say- I took action- I stepped up and joined the battle- I spoke as a voice for truth.


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