What Drives My Passion?

anguished soul.

Some of you may be wondering why I spend time each night reading books and articles about abortion and how it hurts women (and babies).  When I think about abortion, I usually start to cry.  It literally breaks my heart (see My Heart Ache on my home page).  It is a struggle sometimes to motivate myself to read articles and search for things online.

I spent a few years avoiding all articles and any information about abortion.  I still had the memories of all my years of research, but since I had my two children, it had become even more difficult to face the reality of what is happening in our country.

But at the beginning of this year, I could not shake the conviction that I needed to take action.  Staying silent was wrong, esp. when I knew God had given me a passion, and a burden about life, about fighting the lies.

Please, if you never have, take some time to find out what women are saying who are pro-abortion.  Yes, there are people who are not just pro-choice, but they believe abortion is the best answer for all women.

My greatest fear about abortion has been realized in our country in that we see a continuing disrespect for the gift of life.  And that is what has driven me back here again.  It keeps me going when the pain and sadness threatens to overwhelm me.  When I feel helpless and ask, how can my one voice make a difference?

If I can just change one person’s mind.  If I can encourage one woman to speak up about her abortion, if I can help one woman, or one family heal.

It is all worth it.

Life is a treasure, it is precious- each person that is created, no matter what the circumstances, deserves a chance to live- to make their own choices- to explore this world- leave their mark.

We are playing god.

Abortion is the ultimate selfish act.  It says that my right to my body is more important than your right to life.  You (the baby, fetus, zygote- whatever you want to call it- except glob of tissue- b/c that’s not scientifically accurate)- you, the baby, are an inconvenience to me and I don’t feel like dealing with the consequences of my own irresponsible sex life, so I am going to take your life.

Yes, I know there are exceptions.  No, I am not trying to make women feel bad who are forced into abortion by family or a boyfriend or husband or pimp.  I am aware that some women end up having an abortion when their life is in danger.

But the vast majority of abortions are done for PERSONAL CONVENIENCE. It is all about them.  And that is what I have a problem with- casual sex, unplanned pregnancies, irresponsible living.

There is a deeper problem underneath all of this- our need for God.  If we only truly believed that God knows best and followed His Word so much pain could be avoided.

We have thrown away all the things that are beautiful and traded them for counterfeits.  We are being cheated and we don’t even know it.

And the last and most potent reason that I can’t stay silent.  I have realized that I am being disobedient to God- if I know what is right- what is true, and I fail to share my convictions- to fight for my convictions- to persuade others if I can.

Because more is at stake than just the life of that baby, eternal souls are in jeopardy.  If we truly care for our neighbor, than what better gift can we give than sharing about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  His love and forgiveness, His law and conviction in our hearts- that is what will turn the tide- will turn our upside down world right again.

I pray that I will be faithful to God’s call.  That I will not falter.  There are days when it is very hard.  It would be easier to sit down in front of the TV and just forget about everything- bury it or just ignore it- but I can’t anymore.

I will cry- cry out to God-cry out to my friends-cry out to my govt.-cry out to my community-and cry out to the world- until my last breath.




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