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Here is an example of what I am finding as I do research.  As I said yesterday, there are no neutral sources.

One thing that truly bothers me- What motivates the pro-abortion movement?  There is one thing that the pro-abortion side has that’s decidedly against it- money(greed)- do we believe that this has no effect on their own bias??

Abortion is a billion dollar industry- that means lobbyists, money to push people around in govt.- and a vested interest in studies that show no connections between women and any negative reaction post-abortion- whether physical, mental, emotional, or psychological.

It is important to note that women have made testimonies that are recorded (in books and other places) about negative effects for them after abortion- these are not considered significant.  I would say they are to the women who experiences them.

Have you ever worked for or stepped foot in an crisis pregnancy center(CPC)?  The ones that I have been to are run by people who are passionate about helping women and are on a shoe-string budget.  (the counselors were making 16,000 a year at one center where I volunteered, and they all had at least their bachelor’s degree in psychology or counseling and several were working on their masters).

Now, this is my own personal experience.  I am not saying that all CPCs are above reproach- but the fact remains that they are not pulling in millions of dollars (feel free to correct me on this if you know of one…).

Here are two articles that I came across- one was written in the New York Times.  Another writer responded to the first article citing his use of biased sources without full disclosure to the reader.

New York Times Article


I wanted to put these here to illustrate how easy it can be to become convinced by an article.  The NY Times piece is meant to manipulate with emotion- to draw you to a conclusion through one isolated case and to come at you with experts with all the right letters- but where do alliances lie?

That’s why I talked about there being no neutral ground- this is a battle- not just for money or power or control- but a spiritual war being waged over life- will we value it- will we treasure it?  Or will we continue to allow it to diminish- where we no longer see this life as a blessing- as a gift from God- but just a meaningless existence.

I have seen the front lines of this battle- I have talked with women who have been wounded, I have cried and prayed over lives lost.  How do I know that abortion hurts women?

Personal experience.  Talking face to face with women who have had abortions.

Working at a crisis pregnancy center and talking to women about their options- I have done it.  I have watched women walk away knowing they were going to have an abortion.  That was gut-wrenching for me, but at least we had a chance to talk with her about her options- and if she needs help after the abortion, she knows where to go.

She knows where she can find women who will love her and be there for her no matter what choice she makes.

I have several friends who also serve at CPCs.  We talk often on the phone, and they urge me to come back.  It is hard being home sometimes- I love my children but my heart aches for those women out there- stressed out and overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy- or looking back on an abortion and deeply regretting it.

I want to be there to love them, to listen, to share options, to help them see the significance of their choice.

But I am not just going to stop at personal experience.  No, I am going to work hard to delve into research, to find info about the big abortion names– talk about them, who they have strong connections to- how much money their organizations make, how many lobbyists they have, politicians in their pockets- although some of it we may never know.

That won’t stop me from reading all I can and learning all I can to help find the truth buried under the lies.

And I pray that the truth will set us free.




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