Keeping the First Thing…First

The Gut Buster - 108/365

Not a pic of my daughter- but reminded me of her- she loves to pick flowers.

I got frustrated with my daughter today.  I was sitting at the computer typing away, in deep thought- trying to get the words in my head onto the computer screen before they evaporated away- and she is bouncing on the bed singing right behind me.

Very distracting- and under different circumstances I would have seen it as totally adorable, but since I was trying to write…well, long story short this Mom had to say she was sorry and ask for forgiveness.

It hurts to admit that I got impatient with my daughter for no good reason- I let other things distract me from my most important role right now- Mom.

My children are young, and I am blessed with the opportunity to be home with them, to have a wonderful husband who works hard so that I can spend my days enjoying my kiddos.

I don’t want to look back and regret that I did not spend more time with them, but be able to treasure all the special memories of this season of life and thank God that I savored it- that I enjoyed the blessing and gift of these precious lives.

So, I spent the afternoon and early evening enjoying my children- knowing that there will be time for those other things- but for now- I need to keep the first thing…first.


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