In A Battle, Neutral Ground is Hard to Find

Student Demonstration (46) - 27Nov07, Paris (France)

I have spent a few hours this evening pouring over research related to abortion- and there is a considerable amount out there.

I was hoping to find some neutral sources, ones that would not be seen by the “other side” as biased in their research.

Well, I don’t know if such a neutral source exists. (I will keep looking…)

What I want to accomplish with the research articles:  I want to show that there are women who suffer ill effects from abortion.

I know that is true- I have met them, but I want to provide some published research as well.

So, I am going to present articles that show some of the possible negative effects- so if you know someone who has had an abortion or you are thinking about having an abortion- you can see some of the risks.




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