Laughing is Good for the Soul


When’s the last time you laughed?  No, I mean really laughed.  Belly shaking, tears streaming down your face, almost pee your pants, can’t breathe hilarity that suspends time- driving away all thoughts except the unspeakable joy and physical cramping in your stomach from uncontrolled mirth?

My children have reminded me how fun it is to laugh.  It feels so good! I can’t remember ever laughing as much in my life as I do now-probably when I was a child.

I tend to be a rather serious person- I sometimes crack myself up- but am not naturally gifted with a sense of humor or particularly witty mind- one of my brothers has this particular talent- he can make me laugh so hard and unexpectedly- and my husband can really make me laugh sometimes-

But with my children, it is different. Their joy is so innocent and pure, and erupts over the most simple things.  Their laughter is infectious- sometimes I don’t even know what I am laughing about but I can’t help giggling with my daughter or smiling and chuckling at my son.

Laughing definitely tends to be a social thing too- I have noticed that I laugh harder and enjoy funny things more when there are more people there to enjoy it with me.  Like when we are watching a funny movie or someone says something really funny- and we all laugh together- it almost seems like laughter multiplies exponentially according to the number of people participating.

So, if you haven’t yet today- laugh- or make someone else laugh.  And I pray that the joy lifts your spirit and causes you to rejoice, even in the midst of suffering.  To remember that God longs for us to have joy in this life too.


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