I’ve Got Your Back

There are days when I feel like every moment is moving- not that all the movement is hurried or stressful- only that my body feels in constant motion.  There are demands in every direction- draw a picture with chalk, make lunch, pushing kids on the swings, change diapers, make dinner, do laundry, wash dishes, pick up toys, read books…what am I forgetting?

And at some point in the day, I start thinking- it will be so good when Phil comes home.  Not because my day has been terrible, but because I look forward to his companionship, his help, no longer being alone parenting but having someone by my side.  Someone who I love, respect- He’s a great Dad.

Sometimes I forget to be thankful for him.  I start thinking about some of the things that bother me- like he leaves his socks and shoes under the coffee table at night- I usually pick them up in the morning.

But part of me loves those things too- loves our daily dance- the ways we compliment each other.  Sharing some things and stretching each other in other ways.


Tonight I got a phone call at 4:30pm.  I missed it because I was outside with the kids.  Phil said he won’t be home till 7pm.  Busy time at work, busy week.

But most days he is home to have dinner and spend some time with the kids before bed (so thankful for this!).  So tonight, while I am missing him, I am going to say a prayer of thanks for my precious hubby.

On days like today I am reminded that love is a choice and conscious effort- for us it is also a covenant with God- till the day we die.  I pray that God will continue to remind us to treasure each other- and to be thankful for the blessing right before us.

So, if you haven’t told your spouse how much they mean to you today, I encourage you to do it.  If you feel some distance forming- talk about it.

In one of my counseling classes, a prof said (and I have never forgotten) marriages don’t explode, they erode.

Scott and Lindsey Engagement ShootThat has always challenged me to make a conscious effort to not let anything begin to chip away at the love and commitment we have with each other- but to build on it and strengthen it- to seek forgiveness and offer it freely.

I ask God to bless our marriage, to continually draw us closer to Him and closer to each other.  I pray that for you and your spouse too.  (and if you are single- say a prayer for your married friends- they will thank you for it.)  😉



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