Waiting on God, Day 20

Cielos y campos de la pampa Argentina 12 / Skies and fields from Argentina's pampa 12

Today has been a challenging day- I knew I needed to spend some time in prayer and meditation on God’s Word to bring peace to my troubled heart, and to encourage me.

Waiting…yes, I have been learning about waiting for over a year now.  And still I wait- for answers- and some answers are coming- but slowly- and I am not good at being patient.

This devotional from Andrew Murray was so encouraging to me today.  This quote especially:

“And if you ask: How is it, if He(God) waits to be gracious, that even after I come and wait upon Him, He does not give the help I seek, but waits on longer and longer? There is a double answer.  The one is this, God is a wise husbandman, who “waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it” (James 5:7). He cannot gather the fruit until it is ripe.  He knows when we are spiritually ready to receive the blessing to our profit and His glory.”

He goes on to talk about the great blessing of waiting through trails and storms, our sense of time is different than God’s.  We must trust Him with the pace of events, and anticipate His faithfulness, even when it seems a long time coming.

This has calmed me today- for sometimes I become discouraged or weary in my waiting- longing for an answer or a sign- and yet even as I write this God continues to encourage me.  Even in the midst of waiting, I feel His Presence.

Sometimes I must believe as an act of will and trust that my emotions will follow.

I pray that you may find courage and strength in the Lord- as you wait, or as you endure trials.  He is faithful.


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