Snuggle Time

a touch of summer....

My heart still warms as I remember my daughter’s words this morning, “Mommy, could you please snuggle me?”

My heart, soul, and spirit all responded with an emphatic and heartfelt-yes.

Joy in simple things- quiet moments of intimacy- where I feel as though our souls are talking- we are quiet, just sitting on the couch watching her brother play.

Occasionally she looks at me out of the corner of her eye and smiles, or touches my face- and then I smile.

And then more silence, gentle shifts of her hands and feet, a contented sigh.

Quite suddenly (and too soon for me) the energy surging through her body calls her to life once again.  She hops up from my lap and says, “Thank you Mommy,” and begins to play once again.

But I am still thinking about this moment- thankful for love, thankful to be here, thankful for the gift of her life- and all that she is teaching me.

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