Rex Begonia

I got a cutting of this plant from one of my Mom’s neighbors at Christmas.  That is one of the things I love about people who have plants and are passionate about them.  If you compliment a plant or express interest in their plants, they almost always offer a cutting.

So, I brought it home and followed her recommendations for how her plant has thrived.

I looked at some of the internet info on rex begonias- I know there are many different cultivators- but I do not have my plant on a tray to increase humidity, and my plant gets some direct sunlight- and it has been doing great.

Both of those things are in direct contradiction of the care instructions that I have found online.  This supports my suspicion that some plants are widely adaptable and you can usually find at least one hybrid of any plant that can survive in any home.

So, if you really like a plant but the particular cultivator that you buy dies- try another one- more than likely you will be able to find one that will adapt to the particular conditions of your house.

This plant has been very hardy and low maintenance.  I brought home several cuttings and rhizomes and they are all doing very well.

I will post more info about this plant as time passes. If you have any insight into care for rex begonias, please share.

***I have two pics at the beginning and end of this post- they are the same plant taken about 2 months apart, and it shows the new growth and flowers.



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