Park Thoughts


My daughter and I went to the park today.  It was a lovely warm morning, spring was in the air.  We climbed a rock wall and sat on top, looking at the trees swaying gently in the breeze, watching the other kids play, looking up at planes flying by.

I found myself overwhelmed with thankfulness for my children.  They have reminded me how wonderful play can be.  I had forgotten. 

I now spend a good portion of each day imagining scenarios, having imaginary conversations between stuffed animals, pushing my daughter or son on the swings.

I love letting her take the lead, guiding me through play, giving me suggestions and/or instructions on different scenarios- and I am amazed by her imagination and creativity.  Her attentiveness- some observations strike me mute with their insight.

She is teaching me as much as I am teaching her.

And the simple pleasure of play erases all the grown-up worries from my mind.  I find a sweet escape.

So as I wrap up the day, I am thankful for the beauty in the world through a child’s eyes- how they can transport us somewhere transcendent if we stop long enough to see and hear the whisperings of their heart.

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