In Some Moments of Life

Beautiful tree behind red fence
Some Moments

By: Rachel Newton


In some moments of life

Words fail

Silence reigns

And all the profound blunderings of moments past

Fall unnoticed into nothingness


And I listen

Listening for- meaning- a touch of you

Listening to loneliness

It speaks to me

Yet we do not understand each other


We are strangers Tree Peony

Silence and words cannot mix

Or lack such in my imagination

A salad of mix and match

I never liked the onions


Sour words- bitter to digest

Darkness covers like the silence

And sadness- grieving for lost time

Remembering sweeter moments with you


I don’t reach for you

Fear paralyzes a once comfortable approach

I can’t let you see me like this

Distance from the light my only escape


Understand my fear

Yet please don’t accept it

Drown me in the light

Don’t let me escape the awakening in you


Bathe me in the light

And I will be whole

Soak me with your water

And I will be clean

Touch me with your love

And I will reach out


Some moments of life

Define the future- leave marks like scars

So we don’t forget- we must remember

Treasure the thorny valley-

For the beauty will bloom in time




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