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I am going to use this post to start a list of gardening websites that I like.  I get so frustrated sometimes b/c I am looking for care information about a plant.  Sometimes I don’t even know what the plant is b/c someone gives it to me and they may not know specifically what its name was.

So far, these are some of my favorites for finding info. about a variety of plants- indoor and outdoor. :  Ok, they are trying to get you to buy bulbs from them while you are there, but the pics are gorgeous and they have great information about bulbs- I like the layout too, very easy to search and quickly find what you need. : Great site with a wide variety of plants- perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, bulbs- they have it all.  They do NOT provide good info. on caring for plants however, and they are trying to get you to buy their product- so I could not go to them for more than just to surf plants- they have great pics and well organized site. :  Just discovered this site.  I love the menu where you can choose plant encyclopedia- then you select specific things you are looking for in a plant like how much sun, flowering or no flowers, fragrant or no, and then level of expertise.  Then, you hit search and you can hover over plant pictures and it makes it bigger- Ok, I LOVE this- I choose plants often by aesthetics- so I love being able to see a close up of the plant without having to click on each one.


I will add more to this list as I discover more sites that I like- please comment and leave some info. if you have a favorite site you like to use to find plants/plant care info.


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