Sacred Parenting

I am very interested in starting this book.  It was recommended to me by several friends and my Dad- so I am hoping to do some future posts about the inspirational material and hopefully very practical too- that I can start using in my interactions with my two kiddos.

I try to not read too many parenting books, it can be a little overwhelming. But I think sometimes it can be very helpful to hear some suggestions of things that I could be doing to consciously teach or model something for my children that I might be overlooking.

A more thorough review coming soon!

Favorite thoughts so far:

Parenting calls us to purify ourselves so that we can effectively teach our own children.  This purification process in 2 Cor. 7:1 is “both deep and thorough…leading us to confront spiritual sins we never knew existed.

And what motivates us to put forth this effort in parenting?  Out of reverence for God. (2 Cor. again)

He talks a little further in about preparing our children to face opposition and suffering- and not trying to protect them too much and insulate them from hurt.

He said to one of his teenage children, “Look, this isn’t just about the attitude you have toward your Mother and me; it’s about the health of your soul as you accept the authority God has placed over you.  If I simply turn a blind eye to your attitude, I risk putting your eternal soul in peril, and I love you too much to do that.”

We will have to at times watch our children suffer, and have faith that some of those times their suffering will be vehicles for bringing about God’s greater purposes in their lives.  We have to trust Him in those times of trial.

Guilt can point us to God, Guilt can motivate us to do better, We need to trust God and let him take some of the responsibility sometimes and not bear the entire burden on our own. “Guilt can teach us to love mercy- loving mercy not only makes us thankful for the mercy we have received but it makes us eager to show mercy to others.”


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