Prayer Plant

I just bought this plant today.  I have admired it many times when I have seen it in the past.  From what I have read today, Prayer plant is very easy to grow.  It is a good beginner plant.  It is also called Maranta.

Prayer plant likes bright light, but not direct sunlight.  It is a fast grower according to the sources I have read, and is flexible with soil- just doesn’t like to be soggy- most plants like well-drained soil.

I have read some places that they like to be misted with water on leaves and that they prefer a higher humidity.  I usually wait to see how a plant does before I spend the time to do any extra things above and beyond watering.  I like to try to keep things simple and low-maintenance with my plants.  So, if it starts to die, maybe I will look at misting or getting a humidity tray for the plant to set on.

Will post some updates after I have had this plant for a while (2-10-12).

I am having problems with the new growth on this plant dying- I think that the soil isn’t draining well and it is getting a little soggy- and I think I might be overwatering.

I think the soil I purchased might not be draining well- I might have to repot. (4-14-12)

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6 Responses to Prayer Plant

  1. Nice prayer plant! I’ve been looking for this particular variety for a while now still with no success. Do you offer plant cuttings? If so I can trade 3 wandering jew cuttings for one or two prayer plant cuttings. Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. dynamicgardening says:

    Nice prayer plant. Can you take cuttings from it?

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