Fevre Dream

A friend recommended this book since I am a fan of the vampire genre.  I am interested to see how it compares to some of the others- especially since this is the first book that I have read by George R.R. Martin.  Apparently he has a pretty solid fan base, at least the prices of his books and their popularity seem to support this theory.

I have read the first few chapters and I am enjoying his descriptions of scenes and people.  A more thorough review to come later.


I was a little disappointed at the conclusion of this book- I was expecting something unlike anything I have ever read-groundbreaking- and I guess this book was unique in some ways, but the story wasn’t outstanding.

I like George R.R. Martin’s writing though- I like how he describes people and scenes- and his main character in this book- Abner Marsh- was quite unique- I have to confess I liked him a lot.  As main characters go- he was not what you would expect.

If you enjoy reading the vampire genre- I think it is important to add this to your collection.  I am not sure what the original publish date was- 1984 is listed on the book I got from the library.  So he was writing vampire fiction when it was not “all the rage” like it is today.  And without a doubt he inspired many of the vampire stories that we enjoy today.

So, I gave it three stars- I liked it- good solid story- but not one I would necessarily buy or read again.

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