My Aunt gave me a Kalanchoe cultivator at Christmas.  She said it has white blooms, but I have yet to see them.  They are supposed to bloom in the spring, however, so I am hopeful that I will see some blooms soon.

Light: They prefer bright, sunny locations, especially in the summer growing season. I have left mine in an east facing window with the shades pulled up and it seems to do well there.
Water:  I have heard that this plant holds water in its leaves.  The leaves have a very unusual texture, almost rubbery.

So I usually let the plant dry out between waterings.  I have read some info that supports a different watering regimen in the winter than the summer.

In the winter you let it dry out almost completely and only water sparingly.  I have not done that with my plant.  It seems to do well with consistent watering- though I do let it dry out somewhat between watering.

Temperature: They prefer warmth. Do not let fall below 55ºF.

Soil: An ordinary potting soil mix is fine. My aunt used a generic potting soil and the plant has continued to be very healthy and show lots of new growth.
Fertilizer: I have not fertilized this plant yet, though I plan to fertilize it once a month.

Kalanchoe flower colors can range from white, bright yellow, glowing orange, red, hot pink and everything in between.

Some have flowers with more than one color, but kalanchoes are mainly known for neon bright colors.

Kalanchoe plants seem like they are  easy to propagate.  I used a spade and broke away one of the stems that you can see in the picture from the rest and potted it separately.  It is doing very well and has shown some new growth.

Here’s a pic showing what these plants look like in bloom.

Crassulaceae kalanchoe flowers

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