Pansies- who thought up that name anyway?

I remember the first time I planted some pansies.  I thought to myself, with a name like that I can’t really expect them to last long.  Now, after enjoying their color all through the winter months, I confess that I am baffled by the choice of common name for this phenomenal flower.

They are hard to kill, even in the heat, they wilt but they don’t die, they will pop back up again with amazing resilience.  And then in the winter, the frost doesn’t kill them, they may get a little wilty- but that sun hits them and *bam* they are perked up. 

I love the variety of colors and their long bloom season- esp. during winter when I long for a little color. They are also a great beginner flower, since they do well in pots or in the ground and handle neglect well- if you see them drooping just give them a little water and they revive once again.

You can plant them in partial sun or full sun, they tolerate the heat fairly well, but during the hottest part of the summer in the south of the US- they may die- so I kept mine by the house where they got less sun and I could keep an eye on them, and I planted more in the late fall to enjoy during the winter months.

They are usually a more compact flower, but they have some cultivators now that are vining and those would be lovely in a hanging basket or planted with another upright flower in a pot.

I hope you are convinced to give some pansies a try- don’t let the name fool you, these plants are hard to kill and a great addition to any gardening design.


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