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Finding a toy my kids love and play with for more than a few months can be tough.  Thankfully most of the toys we have are passed down from cousins or friends whose kids are older, so we haven’t ended up buying a pricey toy only for it to sit on the shelf. These eggs are one toy we intentionally bought for our kids.

Hide N Squeak Eggs is awesome.  The eggs each have a different shape on the bottom that your kids have to match up to get it in the right slot.  The tops of the eggs come off to reveal faces that you can match as well.  If you press on the colored part of the egg- revealed when the top comes off, it squeaks like a little chick.  There is so much fun packed into this little toy- the design makes it stand out.

Not only is it an awesome toy, it costs under $10.  My hubby and I were sold.  We have had the toy for almost a year now, and it still remains a favorite.  They play with it almost everyday, sometimes throughout the day.

So if you haven’t heard of it or seen it, check it out.  Esp. if you are on a tight budget and looking for a fun toy to give as a gift or for your child’s birthday, I highly recommend it.

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