I have this plant sitting on my piano in our home.  This was an impulse buy- I had never even heard of this plant.  The full name is Pilea cadierei or “Pan Am.”  It is also referred to as aluminum plant or watermelon plant.

I have found it to be very easy to grow.  It does like to stay moist, so try to not let it dry out between waterings.  Direct sunlight has scorched the leaves, so I have it about 10 feet away from a West window.  This is considered a shade loving plant, or a low light plant.

I have seen info that says this plant blooms with white flowers, but I have not seen that yet.  I bought a very small plant so I am hoping next fall/early winter it will bloom for me.

Still learning a lot about this plant, I have not tried rooting a cutting yet, since the plant was so small, but I have read that it is very easy to do.

As you can see, I have let my plant get too “leggy.”  This happens to me as a novice because I get nervous about pruning or pinching off the tips.  When I sat down to write this post, I noticed that all the other plant pictures were showing these lovely plants thick with foliage.  I need to work on cutting my plant back over the next several months to get more compact growth.  The picture below is not my plant- but I wanted to post a pic of the flowers.  I hope I get to see some on my plant soon!


English: Pilea cadierei (Aluminium plant) flower

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