My Coffee Addiction

I never drank coffee until my last year of college.  Being the perfectionist and overachiever that I was, I decided it was a brilliant idea to volunteer to write an undergraduate thesis- though it was not required for me to graduate and I was not part of an honor’s program that propelled me into this undertaking.  Never mind that I was working two part-time jobs and taking 16 credit hours.  Yes, I was one of THOSE people.

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Every moment of my day was busy- and the thesis was pushing me over the edge- I was getting a little stressed out.  There were not enough hours in the day.  Thankfully, I finally caved and one night while I was working late on my paper, I went to our college coffee shop and ordered some flavored concoction to cover up the “awful” taste and smell of the coffee itself.  I ended up being up all night from the caffeine high, and the rest is history.

I began slowly making my way to hard-core black coffee.  I even added hits of espresso toward the end to help me pull off a few more all nighters to get my paper completed.

Now, I can’t imagine a morning without coffee.  I love the smell (note: no longer awful), the taste, and just holding the warm mug.  It soothes me and gently rouses me to face the day.  Thankfully, my husband also loves coffee, and faithfully wakes up every morning to get it percolating so that a cup is ready by the time I make my way to the kitchen.

I even love that sound when you pour the coffee in your mug, and the steam slowly rises like evaporating white mist.  The first sip each morning is the best- like I am having coffee for the first time all over again.

This is my tribute- to coffee- **sip**.

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