Left-Handed Crocheting Novice

crochet bullions


A few years ago, I asked my Mom to teach me to crochet.  This was particularly challenging since she is right-handed and I am left-handed.  We persevered and I was able to learn the basic stitches and I have made some scarves, blankets, and recently a few cloths for washing dishes.

As I have tried to take my crocheting to the next level, however, I have found myself frustrated with all the abbreviations and unending nuances that come up – I can’t seem to find an intermediate type of design.  Everything seems to either be geared toward a novice or an expert.  I feel like I can’t break through to expert b/c of my inability to understand all the explanations that I read online that tell me how to do stitches.

I need to see it to be able to understand what I am supposed to do.  I get so frustrated when I can’t figure something out.  And this has been driving me crazy.  I would love to have a little natural skill or talent for being able to naturally pick up things.  My sister-in-law started crocheting after I did and she has done countless more complicated projects with no hint of difficulty.  I am very jealous.

I will read instructions over and over again- trying to figure out what they mean, but to no avail.  I guess the craftsy thing just doesn’t come naturally to some of us (me specifically).

I will post a pic of this new crocheting project if I can ever figure out how to get it done.  Until then, I will keep persevering in my quest for mastery over something new and challenging- knowing that in the end when I am successful in making something new, all the frustrations of the present will be worth it.  :)

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