At Christmas this year, the best presents I received were plants.  My Mom gave me this ivy that she had been growing for about a year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having some vining plants.  The philodendron and ivy were the first two that I have ever had and both were gifts.

Ivy is very easy to take cuttings from and to prune to a shape that fits whatever space you wish to use.  They are flexible with soil and humidity but don’t seem to like direct sun.  I don’t know about all the different cultivators, but this particular one that is pictured gets scorched leaves in direct sunlight.

My Mom fertilized about once a month and that is my plan with this plant as well.  I water when the soil feels dry, I try to keep it moist but not soggy.  Watering has always been the trickiest part of keeping plants indoors.  Experience is really the only things that helps you improve and discern what plants need more attention and those that will do well with a little more neglect.

I think Ivy also looks beautiful when combined with another plant that has an upright growing pattern.  Just make sure that the soil, sun, and watering schedule that you are using suit both plants so that one doesn’t die and the other live (been there, done that)  :)

Always learning- and loving every minute.

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