I Love Digging in the Dirt

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It was almost 60 degrees outside today and there was no way I was passing up an opportunity to bask in the sun and get some fresh air.  The kids and I made our way out into the backyard this afternoon and were greeted by a large swarm of lady bugs, which the kids enjoyed playing with, and lots of weeds for me to pull around our shrubs and perennials that are just starting to peek through the soil.

As the kids ran around the yard, playing with sticks and chasing the dog, I got out my gloves and started pulling weeds.  We have gotten a lot of rain this week so it was a perfect time to do it.  I love sitting on the ground and looking at all the new growth beginning to show- that excitement of spring starting to build inside me.

I like a little snow and of course winter has some good aspects, like holidays and time with family, but I always feel a little sad watching the landscape grow barren as the colder weather sets in.  But it all seems worth it when the changes come again, and I celebrate the rebirth of all the plants that I have come to love through the bond of sweat, water, and mulch.  I have protected them and nurtured them, and now I get to see the fruits of that labor in brilliant displays of color.

I can’t wait!  :)

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