Dracaena reflexa cv. Song of India

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I love the variety of colors and growth habits that you can find with this hardy and low-maintenance plant.  It seems like there is one suited for about every location and personality- you can find one to fit whatever your decorating style might be. (top pic not one of my plants but I wanted to share)

I bought this Dracaena for a few dollars about six months ago (pictured below), and I have been very pleased with this plant.  The growth rate has been medium, not snail-pace but a little slower than I expected (you might want to purchase something a little bigger depending on your budget and how patient you are for things to grow).

From what I understand and have read, these plants are flexible when it comes to the amount of light they get, they do not have specific humidity needs, and can easily be pruned to thicken them up.  There are many different popular cultivators that are widely available.

I have Dracaena Magenta or (Dracaena marginata).  It seems to like bright light but no direct sunlight and likes to dry out between waterings.  That seems consistent with what I have read, they do not like to remain moist all the time.

I also had a friend tell me that these plants also prefer water at room temperature rather than cold water- I think this is a safe practice to adopt for all your plants indoors- not all plants are negatively affected by cold water- but it also simplifies the process of trying to remember which plants don’t care and which ones are particular.

Dracaena plants are also very sensitive to fluoride- so be careful about not using soils or fertilizers that might contain even small amounts.  It won’t necessarily kill the plant, but parts of the leaves may turn brown.

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