Books My Kids Love

These are the tried and true favorites, the books that my kids want to read over and over.  I am going to post several of these lists, so be on the lookout for future posts on this same topic.  And please share/recommend books that your kids have loved that I can add to the list.

This first list is Board Books so it is definitely focused more on 0-3 years old. However, my daughter still enjoys many of these books.  She has them memorized so sometime she will (pretend to) read them to herself.

  • Mirror Me! A Mirror Book by: Julie Aigner-Clark

This book has mirrors on each page, and both of my children loved looking at themselves in the mirror and would even just play with this book on their own.

  • I Love You Through and Through by: Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

Love the illustrations, and this is a great book for helping your child learn parts of their body- while I am reading it I will touch their nose, ears, toes, etc.  This book is also great for kids who have a very short attention span- it is short with only a few words on each page.

  • I Love You All Year Long by: Steve Metzger

Lovely rhyming book that goes through all the seasons of the year with fun illustrations.

  • Chicka Chicka abc by: Bill Martin Jr.

Great way to help your child start to learn their ABC’s.  The rhyme and rhythm of this book makes it very appealing to kids.

  • The Owl and the Pussycat by: Edward Lear

Classic poem with illustrations that will draw your kids in and  set this book apart- the illustrator is Jan Brett and she does fantastic work.

So, what are your kids favorites or your favorites from childhood?

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