Alocasia Polly- African Mask

This is one of the most beautiful plants that I own.  The leaves are so unusual.  I got brave with this plant and decided to combine it with a spider plant.  I had never tried combining plants before, but I had read that spider plant was very flexible about growing conditions so I thought I could find a location to make the Alocasia happy and hopefully they would both do well.

So far so good!  There is not a lot of care information out there for the Alocasia- some of the plant sites where you can ask questions have other people looking for help caring for the plant- but the answers are inadequate.  So, here’s what I have read about this plant so far.

They like bright sunlight but direct sun scorches the leaves.  (I know this is true b/c some of the leaves of my plant started to get scorched so I moved it) They may be sensitive to chemicals in the water so you may want to use distilled or filtered water- I have used tap water and so far I see no negative results.

I am not sure about watering needs, I have this plant in a self-watering pot so weekly I just check the water level and add if needed.

I can’t find anything about soil preferences- I just used a generic potting mix.  The plant seems to be doing well, I have had it for about 3 weeks.  So, I will keep you updated but it seems to be pretty easy to please.  If you have any further information about care for this plant, please let me know.

This pic below shows a nice shot of one of the leaves, but it is not my plant.

Alocasia x amazonica

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