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Just starting Voyager today.  Finished Dragonfly in Amber last night and wanted to jump into the next book in the series right away. This series by author Diana Gabaldon and was published in the early 1990’s.    A review will be coming probably in about a week- these books are long (Voyager is over 1,000 pages)!

If you have read the series and want to leave comments, I would love to hear them- and I am always looking for book recommendations.


My review:

This book is epic- and yet has so many layers, so much going on all at once- it is hard for you to wrap your mind around it.  There are heroes that you love and root for, villains that chill you to the bone and raise your anxiety- and so many complex characters that are a little of both.
The book is 1000 pages+ so you’d think at some point you would suffer from boredom.  For me, that just didn’t happen.  I love the complexity of this series- the tension created by love and space and time- now that I have finished the third book I feel totally immersed in this world- and find myself longing to linger there with these characters who have in some ways become like friends.
Very enjoyable series- as I have said- would recommend to those who like historical fiction, romance, adventure, and a little mystery thrown in there too.


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