My First Baby

I know this may sound silly and sentimental, but I love my dog.  Sky turns six this year; she was our first baby.  My husband and I married 8 years ago, and as soon as we had a place of our own and could get a dog, Sky became part of our family.

She is a golden retriever- and I picked that breed intentionally.  Our first dog when I was growing up was a golden, and my siblings and I loved her!  She was part of the family, and we all mourned her passing.

What makes Sky unique?  Well, it seems every dog has their quirks, those things about their personality that make you laugh and smile.  Sky loves to rub against people and go between their legs.  I truly believe both of these habits were picked up from her first best friend- the cat next door.  For some reason that cat loved Sky.  She would come over and rub against her and play with her.

The other thing I love is that Sky loves to snuggle.  She thinks that she is a lap dog even though she is fifty pounds.  She will climb up on the couch and nuzzle her way into my lap while I am reading or watching TV.

The house would seem empty without her- I love coming home and seeing here there, always happy to see me.  My joy has been greatly increased as I have watched her with our children.  She is so patient and long-suffering with them.  They deal out abuse on a daily basis- hair pulling, climbing on her, tail pulling, and she handles it all with such grace and patience.

For some mysterious reason, petting her helps me relax.  I will just gently rub my hand over her head and her body, even while I am doing some other task, and I can feel the stress and strain of the day melting away.

When my husband has to be gone in the evenings or occasionally overnight for business, I am so thankful to have her with me.  She sleeps in the bed and that brings me such comfort- I know that if someone comes to the door or close to the house she will let me know.

So I dedicate this post to Sky- our special and irreplaceable “first baby”.

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