How I Review Books

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Reviews sometimes leave me with just one phrase reverberating around my brain- too much information, too much information!! The joy of reading the book has been diminished by the thoroughness of the reviewer.  One of my greatest aggravations in life.

So, as a preventative measure and for my own reading enjoyment, I take books on recommendations from friends.  I like to know the genre and if they thought it was good- and that’s about it.  I love to be surprised when I start reading- completely in the dark about the premise of the book.

So, if you are reading my reviews, be prepared for very little to be given away about characters and plot- and if you are looking for a review that gives more details, I encourage you to try Goodreads or Amazon.  They both provide a basic review as well as showing the reviews of different readers- I like reading those after I have finished a book.

Happy Reading!

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