Waiting on God

I have been slowing chewing my way through Andrew Murray’s book called Waiting on God for about 6 months now.  I believe it is a 30 day devotional- I am on day 19 presently.  I chose the word chewing rather than reading since I find myself reading a sentence or two, and then reading it again- and many times I will read his entry for one day two or three times and share portions with my husband.

Reading Murray’s thoughts and reflections have been a lifeline to me, during a time of upheaval and struggle- I have found his voice to be encouraging and convicting-just what I needed at this time.  The entry for today was particularly appropriate, so I will share a bit here.

“If we are honest in our longing for holiness-in our prayers to be wholly the Lord’s- His holy presence will stir up and discover hidden sin. It will bring us very low in the bitter conviction of the evil of our nature, its opposition to God’s law, and its inability to fill that law. The words will come true: “Who may abide the day of his coming?…For he is like a refiner’s fire” (Mal. 3:2)”

And one other quote for today.

“Many try to flee from these judgments.  The soul that longs for God, and for deliverance from sin, bows under them in humility and in hope.”

Looking forward to sharing more from future entries.

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