Sometimes Plants Die

I hope there are others out there who can relate to the bitter disappointment that I feel when one of my plants dies.  Being home most of the time with my current job, I usually take time each day to check on my plants, see if they are in need of water and check the leaves for signs of problems so that I might consult my books and hopefully find a solution.

When I started to develop my love for plants, I found two ladies at my church that are Master Gardeners.  They shared some very sage advice with me.  Sometimes plants die.  We do everything we can to make a hospitable environment, but for some unknown reason they get a disease or just don’t seem to do well and we have no idea what the cause of their demise might be.  These ladies both shared stories about indoor and outdoor plants that inexplicably failed to thrive when they did their utmost to provide the proper conditions.

For a novice like me, having this conversation has helped me immensely.  I tend to be a perfectionist and want to be successful in all that I do, so when a plant dies, I tend to take it rather personally.  This conversation freed me from feeling like I am the only one who experience this type of disappointment- and so I try my best to focus on all the plants that thrive under my care and minimize my disappointment over those that do not.

I wanted to share a list of some of the easiest house plants to care for.  Now- a word of disclaimer- this is from my own personal experience and therefore you may not find the same to be true for you in your home.  But I hope this is a helpful place to start if you are looking to buy some plants for your home.

Easiest House Plants

  • Begonia (esp. Rex Begonia- I love it)
  • Chinese Evergeen- pretty foliage, water sparingly
  • Croton- Love the different colored leaves on this plant- they love the direct sun
  • Dracaena- lots of different cultivators
  • Dumb Cane
  • Dwarf Schefflera
  • Peace Lily
  • Philodendron- Very easy to grow- vining plant- I have this one on a shelf in my dining room- it seems to prefer no direct light
  • Snake Plant
  • Rubber Tree- I have this plant in my bathroom, and I love the foliage- the new growth is a lovely red color
  • Spider plant- grows fast, hard to kill, great for a hanging plant
  • Fingernail Plant
  • Caladium
  • Jade plant- needs lots of sun
  • Miracle Leaf Plant (Kalanchoe) I have two of these plants and I love them

***If I did not mention any details, it is because I don’t currently have the plant but I have read or been told it is an easy plant so they are on my list of plants to purchase in the future.

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