Rubber Tree

I love this plant, it does very well when I neglect it, and survives the changing humidity in our bathroom as well as being more than 10 feet away from the nearest window.  We do get very bright light in our bathroom for most of the day, however, so I think that makes up for the distance somewhat.  There has not been much new growth, but I have only had the plant for about 3 months.

According to what I have read about it, it survives well in a variety of conditions and soils, and if you prune it, new stems will come out right at the cut. I have to confess myself somewhat nervous about experimenting with that at the present time, does anyone else have one of these plants and want to share from experience?

I love that the new growth is red, and the leaves stay lightly tinged with red and then somehow shed the red covering (I have not seen this take place yet but am fascinated at the prospect).

This plant does not have blooms, and from what I understand it can get quite large, though you can prune it to be pretty much any size you want to fill any space.

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