My aunt gave me this plant when I went to visit my family at Christmas.  She grew it from a cutting of her philodendron that she has had for years.  This is a great plant for a novice.  I enjoy wrapping the vines around pictures and other plants and  watching the new growth on this fast growing plant.

There are many different cultivators as well as different shaped leaves and I have heard there is one that has deep red foliage-haven’t come across that yet.   This plant is in a generic potting soil and I let it dry out between waterings.  I have not fertilized it yet, but I may start fertilizing once a month with a generic indoor plant fertilizer.

This plant is a favorite with my kids and I plan on taking a cutting and letting my daughter have one of these plants in her room when she is a little older.  Very easy to care for and disease resistant.  I have my plant in an east window, but I have read that they do well with bright to medium light- so make sure they are relatively close to a window unless it is a very bright room.

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