New Growth

Nothing quite thrills me like waking up in the morning, checking on one of my plants and seeing new growth.  Usually I get really excited and have to show both of my children, my husband, and possibly any friends who stop by whether they are interested in plants or not.

I can’t help it!  New growth makes me so happy.  It is a sign that I am doing something right- the conditions are favorable.  I love watching the beginnings of buds developing and then watching each day as they change and get a little bigger, and then slowly start to open- it is so fun when I don’t know what color the blooms are going to be, so each day I am peeking inside to see if I can find out today.

I am fascinated by how things grow and all the unique varieties of plants.  I love going to visit my friends who love plants and seeing what new plants they have bought and how they combine different plants in the same pot or the unique things that they use as pots.  Wow, the possibilities are endless.

When I first started growing plants- I remember being so freaked out about hurting the plant- I would be so careful, and then I watched some of my friends, and my Mom- who have been around plants for years, and noticed that they were not nearly as careful.  They were firm and confident- being careful of the tender parts of the plant, but the knowledge they had gleaned made them able to do things that I was afraid to try.

I am pleased to say that I now realize plants are much more resilient than we give them credit for.  Many can grow in adverse conditions and survive acute neglect.  And their beauty is spectacular. So as I learn and grow as a plant lover, I hope to continue to see new growth and share my joy with you.

I hope that you are pleasantly surprised by some new growth today.

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