Insanity is…Insane!!!

My husband started the Insanity workout DVDs a few weeks ago.  After watching some of them and seeing him lose 10 pounds…well it could also be a morbid desire to torture myself…I have decided to join him starting today.  We just got done with the workout and let me tell you- the name is not an exaggeration.

Sometimes they are just looking for a clever name for a work out tape, so I’m thinking- ha ha- insanity- very clever.  No, that’s what you say when you are doing the workout for the first time and your legs feel like jelly about 15 minutes in- and then you have to do all the stuff you just did again, but even faster.

According to my definition, that IS Insane!!

I love the workout though, it is awesome.   If you like challenging yourself by adding something new into the mix or you are just bored, this is really a fun workout- and I guarantee whether you are in pretty good shape or just starting out, this will kick your butt.

Will be writing more updates as I experience more (of) Insanity.

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