I love my Begonias.  I have several different cultivators- a Rex begonia, Strawberry Begonia, and a few others I got from people that were not sure what their specific name was- they just knew they were Begonias.  The one pictured above is constantly blooming, and the leaves are red on top and green on the bottom.

I have had this plant since the Spring of 2011.  It lived outside until this fall, when I brought it in because I couldn’t bear to let it die.  I knew I was running a risk bringing it inside, that I might not pick a location that it liked, but I have found them to not be very picky- I have some getting direct sun and bright sun, where others just get some bright sun, and they all seem to thrive.  I see consistent new growth and the leaves looking healthy.  I have not yet encountered any diseases that have bothered these plants.

I water sparingly, making sure to check the soil by digging my finger in a few inches to feel if the soil is still moist under the top soil.  They seem to respond well to pruning, I have only pruned with the purpose of making the plants look prettier, or to encourage new growth.

The soil mixture I use is generic- and I have not fertilized any of the plants yet, tho I am planning on fertilizing most of my house plants once a month starting in Feb.  I will let you know the results of adding that into the watering routine.

Pictured below is the Strawberry Begonia.

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