It’s All About Perspective

I was cleaning in the kitchen today and made an interesting discovery.  Stooping down on my hands and knees, I was scrubbing the floor due to the company set to arrive in about 6 hours.  I approached the area near the dishwasher and discovered a thick layer of dirt beneath the dishwasher- yuck.

As I began to clean the dirt, I started thinking about how I would have never noticed how dirty it was down here if I had not bent down and changed my perspective.

So much of life is about perspective, and since my husband and I had our first child over three years ago, I find myself asking more and more- what is God’s perspective?  How would He want me to look at this?  How do I know whether the things I value and prioritize or even how I look at myself and my life are things that glorify God or just seek to honor and satisfy self?

Because that’s what our culture loves- self.  It’s all about me.  We are inundated with it.  And I started thinking about God’s perspective vs. our perspective. There have been some tough times in my life when I have asked- where is God?  I need His help.  But lately I have been wondering- if I could step back, and see my situation as He sees it- all the answers to prayer coming- the ways that He is teaching me through my circumstances- and I have realized (thanks to Andrew Murray’s work called Waiting on God) that when I despair and/or fail to have faith even when I can’t see the outcome then I have failed the most simple test of faith.

Can I wait in anticipation of God’s faithful answer to prayer even when I can’t see the outcome and am lost in my own sadness and despair?  Will I raise my self out of it and say “I will yet praise you my Savior and my God?” (Psalm 42:5)

I pray that soon my answer will be a fervent and humble- yes.

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