How I Have Learned to Love Cooking

I have to confess that before I had children I spent very little time preparing meals in the kitchen. I would maybe throw a bunch of canned things together and add a little hot sauce, but that was about the extent of my cooking abilities.

Now that there are more mouths to feed and I have found it much cheaper to make meals rather than buying boxed things all the time- I have began exploring the internet world of recipes.
Let me be clear- I do NOT ever experiment with making my own recipes. That would be a disaster- of that I am certain. I rely on those tried and tested recipes readily available online.

Allrecipes has been one of my favorite sites for a few years- I love all the reviews of recipes- it helps to not only have a recipe but also have several reviews that give suggestions on how to tweak the recipe to make it even better. FANTASTIC. Very helpful for me b/c I would be clueless on how to make a recipe better- what to remove or what to add more of- really- I am not exaggerating- it would be hopeless.

I also have come to love my Crockpot- I got it for a wedding gift and had used it maybe two times before we had kids. Now I usually use it at least two times a week. Crockin Girls are awesome. If you have not discovered them please go visit their website right now. I love simple, fast and easy- and the crock pot does such a fantastic job making meat tender- and for young kiddos who still don’t have a mouthful of teeth, that can be really helpful.

I don’t like to spend more than 30 minutes preparing a meal.  I want to be with my kids- I love playing with them and spending time with them.  So if I can find a recipe, pick things up, and whip up the dish and let it cook the rest of the day- that takes a load off my mind.
I hope that some of these suggestions are helpful- and please share if you have some sites that offer quick, easy, and healthy family meal options. I am always looking for new suggestions.

Happy Cooking!

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