Dragonfly in Amber

Excitement filled me as I dug into the first few pages of this sequel to Outlander.  I finally got so impatient waiting for the book to come through interlibrary loan that I just bought it for my Kindle.  A review for this book and Outlander will be coming soon.

Update: While I was reading yesterday, I asked myself, what makes this such a great book?  The characters?  Definitely.  The plot? Heck Ya.  But what I love most- the author engages all five senses when she paints a scene.  I feel present there with the characters.  I can see what they see, feel what they feel, hear what they hear…and for me that’s the highest quality of writing.

If you haven’t read the series and you are a fan of fantasy, I would urge to you to check it out.  I am only on book 2 but feel pretty confident that my love of this series will only deepen as I continue to read.

Final Review: About 960 pages later, here I am- at the finish.  And this author knows how to finish- MAJOR cliffhanger- this book really combines in a refreshingly balanced ways all the genres of books that I love.  Romance, historical fiction, and fantasy and even a little mystery thrown in.


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