This is currently my favorite houseplant.  I love the variegated leaves and the pink and white blooms on this particular plant are breathtaking.  There are other colors of blooms to chose from, however, if your color preferences differ.  I have my plant near an east window where it does not receive direct sunlight but has bright light for most of the day. I use a moisture control potting soil but I think you could also use an African violet mix and that would be ok for them as well.

This plant likes to sit higher in the pot, where the roots are almost exposed.  I have also arranged the dirt so that when I water, I do not get any part of the plant moist, only watering along the edge of the pot until water begins to leak into the drainage lip around the bottom edge.

Remember that overwatering is the most common mistake.  Stick your finger in the dirt and if it still feels moist several inches down, don’t water yet.  Most plants do better with a little neglect.

I have not been fertilizing this plant since I bought it a few months ago, but I am planning to use a generic, liquid house plant fertilizer.  I will let you know how well it works.

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